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About Us

Our company produces mosaics and moldings from marble, limestone and beige especially traverten brought in from various regions.

We have a wide product range; Marble, travertine, limestone mosaics and moldings from many different quarries from Turkey combine with more than 40 styles to offer a great number of options.

KONART was established in Konya in 2006 and has carried natural stone mosaics and molding products in many different sizes and colors to world markets with unique designs and projects.

Our company, established in 2006, conducted its first exports in July 2007. Nowadays, it exports mainly to America, Australia, Middle East and certain parts of Europe.

All of our product range is accepted and favored by our customers thanks to successful color selection, discipline of quality standards, and consistency policies.

Every product produced with natural stone is unique because of the difference in color and texture. It is ecological and healthy because it is a part of nature. Every product is special for you. There’s nothing similar.

On the outside of the structures; In building interior, balcony, terrace, garden and walls; It can be used as decorative in the walls of wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, saloons, entrances, halls and all kinds of living areas.

Because Marble and Traverten are natural materials, they have different colors and textures originating from stone nature. For this reason, natural stones are not subject to color change, fading or coloring erosion.

We are creating modern and exclusive places with world famous Turkish travertine. We add a new meaning to the spaces you have with different sizes, colors, surface alternatives and rich product range.

For tranquil and warm environments, our blasting models create a warm look by bringing a fresh breath to your tones with soft lines.

We offer a wide range of application alternatives with different size, color and surface treatment options. Your original projects with natural stones in different colors and models are also transformed into custom and stylish designs.

We offer you rustic-looking travertine and marble products that do not pass the fashion with a wide range of products. Traditional colored lines with pastel tones and antique surface structure ... A new touch to traditional spaces with rich mosaic varieties ...

We bring a new dimension to marble and travertines brought from different regions in Turkey with elegant touches. With elegant colors and shades, our products add elegance and value to your spaces.

 Throughout the historical eras, we are working with the stone, architectural aesthetic that integrates with the people and the formation takes millions of years and presents our daily life. Especially with three-dimensional mosaics, explosions, polished and honed mosaics, we offer quality service to you. We invite you to discover the beauties that nature presents to architecture, to feel the mystery of nature

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